Verona Opera

Verona Opera

The romantic city of Verona is famous for its large, open piazzas, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and of course its grand Roman amphitheatre sat proudly in Piazza Bra. From June to September the arena is host to classic opera performances.

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    Opera Schedule 2017

    The world renowned arena and annual opera festival are highly recommended for anyone staying on nearby Lake Garda. Book online or arrange with your Holiday Advisor in resort - prices are from £50 per person and include tickets as well as transport to and from your resort. If you're staying in Verona you can pre-book your ticket or book with your Holiday Advisor in resort.


    A classic love triangle: Aida, a Nubian princess, is captured by an Egyptian captain, Radames. Aida is the story of three people who are forced to make difficult choices.

    June: Sat 24th, Fri 30th
    July: Wed 5th, Tue 11th, Sun 16th, Thu 20th, Fri 28th
    August: Thu 3rd, Sun 6th, Sun 13th, Sun 20th, Thu 24th, Sun 27th

    Ticket only (no transfer provided)
    July: Sun 9th, Sun 23rd
    August: Tue 8th, Wed 16th

    Madama Butterfly

    Cio-Cui-San, the young Japanese bride of American Lieutenant Pinkerton, is deserted by her husband shortly after their marriage. After years of waiting for him to return to her and her young son, does Cio-Cio-San’s patience pay off?

    July: Sat 8th, Thu 13th, Sat 22nd
    August: Fri 11th, Sat 19th


    Nabucco, the King of Babylon, threatens Jerusalem in his war against the Israelites. However, things become slightly more complicated when he finds out that his daughter, Fenena, is in love with one of the enemies.

    June: Fri 23rd, Thu 29th
    July: Fri 7th, Wed 12th, Tue 18th
    August: Fri 4th, Wed 9th, Fri 18th, Wed 23rd

    Ticket only (no transfer provided)
    July: Sat 15th
    August: Sat 12th, Sat 26th


    The Duke of Mantua’s court jester, Rigoletto, is cursed for his irreverent laughter. When the curse takes hold in the form of the Duke seducing Rigoletto’s daughter, Gilda, the jester makes some choices he may come to regret.

    July: Thu 6th, Fri 14th, Wed 19th, Thu 27th

    Ticket only (no transfer provided)
    July: Sat 1st


    The painter, Mario Cavaradossi, finds himself in trouble with the Chief of Police, Scarpia, after helping a fugitive escape. But can Tosca, Cavaradossi’s lover, save him from Scarpia’s evil clutches?

    August: Thu 10th, Thu 17th, Fri 25th

    Ticket only (no transfer provided)
    August: Sat 5th, Tue 22nd


    All June and July performances begin at 9pm, all others at 8.45pm

    Please note: Dates, times and prices are subject to change. Additional gala performances may be booked locally subject to availability.

    Verona Opera Seating Plan

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