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Holiday destinations

Take time to relax and unwind with our lakes and mountains holidays in Europe's most picturesque locations. Discover breathtaking views in Italy, the awe-inspiring scenery of Austria and the clear-blue lakes of Slovenia. Explore a range of charming destinations from the tranquility of Lake Garda to the rolling hills of Zell am See.

European destinations

  • Austria

    Whether you’re after a laid-back retreat or a fast-paced action holiday, Austria certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

    In the Tirol you’ll be surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks,...

    • €50 hotel credit
    • €75 hotel credit
    Austria holidays
  • Croatia

    Croatia has to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Its Adriatic coast is lined with shingle beaches and hidden coves leading to an inviting sea. There’s...

    Croatia holidays
  • France

    Summer in the French Alps is magical. You'll find beautiful scenery, from snow-capped peaks to tranquil lakes, medieval towns and all the culture the French have on offer. The...

    France holidays
  • Germany

    Germany is a diverse country with plenty to offer as a holiday destination including stunning scenery, relaxing spas and delightful towns and cities. Our focus here is in southern...

    Germany holidays
  • Italy

    From mountains to lakes and lazy days to city breaks, Italy offers every type of holiday imaginable - with a guarantee of fabulous food and amazing architecture.

    • €100 hotel credit
    • €50 hotel credit
    • €75 hotel credit
    Italy holidays
  • Poland

    Great food, friendly people, beautiful scenery and a unique culture carved from centuries of incredible history.

    The cities, palaces, castles, cathedrals and landscapes are like a readymade movie...

    Poland holidays
  • Slovenia

    Right in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is a land of lakes, mountains, cities, coastline and stories - all waiting for you and your camera to discover them.

    • €50 hotel credit
    • €75 hotel credit
    Slovenia holidays
  • Switzerland

    Traditions, food, languages, culture and even climates from across Europe meet in this small, diverse and unique country.

    Switzerland has seemingly endless opportunities for exploration, so why not...

    • 60CHF hotel credit
    Switzerland holidays