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Holiday destinations

Take time to relax and unwind with our lakes and mountains holidays in Europe's most picturesque locations. Discover breathtaking views in Italy, the awe-inspiring scenery of Austria and the clear-blue lakes of Slovenia. Explore a range of charming destinations from the tranquility of Lake Garda to the rolling hills of Zell am See.

European destinations

  • Austria

    Austria is all about the scenery, whether you’re looking out over crystal lakes or walking through flower-strewn meadows – all with lots of culture along the way.


    • £30 off per person
    • €50 hotel credit
    • €75 hotel credit
    Austria holidays
  • Germany

    Germany is packed with idyllic architecture, wonderful folk tales and lush mountain scenery – all served with an alpine welcome and an ice-cold stein of local beer.


    Germany holidays
  • Italy

    From mountains to lakes and lazy days to city breaks, Italy offers every type of holiday imaginable - with a guarantee of fabulous food and amazing architecture.

    • €50 hotel credit
    • €75 hotel credit
    Italy holidays
  • Slovenia

    Right in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is a land of lakes, mountains, cities, coastline and stories - all waiting for you and your camera to discover them.

    Slovenia holidays
  • Switzerland

    Vast mountains, tranquil lakes and cities that bubble with heritage - all linked by a transport system that you could set your watch to.

    Switzerland is a land...

    Switzerland holidays