Booking travel insurance is a vital part of your holiday preparations. Ensure you have suitable insurance for the holiday with our AXA travel insurance cover. Enjoy peace of mind while you travel with our essential insurance cover for you and your family.

AXA Insurance UK plc

This policy summary does not contain full details and conditions of your insurance - these are located in your policy wording. This insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc.

For full details of our AXA Insurance Policy please read the doument below:

AXA Travel Insurance Policy booklet

Section Title Limit Excess
A Cancellation or curtailment charges £3,000 £100
Emergency repairs to your home £500 Nil
B Emergency medical and other expenses £5,000,000 £100
Emergency dental treatment £250 £100
Funeral expenses abroad £1,500 £100
Mountain rescue £30,000 £100
C Hospital benefit £500 (£25 per day) Nil
D Personal accident £30,000 (subject to age) Nil
E* Baggage £1,500 £100
Single article limit £300 £100
Total for all valuables £300 £100
Emergency replacement of baggage £150 (if not returned within 12 hours) Nil
F Personal money, passport and documents £300 cash (£50 if under 16) and £200 other money and documents £100
Passport £300 £100
G Personal liability £2,000,000 £100
H Delayed departure £200 (£15 after 12 hours and £15 per 12 hours delay thereafter) Nil
Abandonment of trip £3,000 (after 12 hours delay) £100
I Missed departure £500 £100
J Legal expenses and assistance £10,000 £100
K Hijacking £1,500 (£100 per day) Nil
L Mugging £1,500 (£100 per day) Nil
M Catastrophe £600 Nil
N Home help £250 Nil
O Pet care £500 (£25 per day) Nil
P* Ski equipment £500 (single article limit £300) £100
Hired ski equipment £250 £100
Q* Ski equipment hire £150 (£15 per day) Nil
R* Ski pack £250 Nil
Lost lift pass £150 Nil
S* Piste closure £300 (£20 per day) Nil
T* Avalanche or landslide cover £100 Nil
U* Wedding rings £250 per person £100
Wedding gifts £1,000 per couple £100
Wedding attire £1,500 per couple £100
Photographs/video recordings £750 per couple £100
V* Loss of green fees £300 (£75 per day) Nil
Golf equipment £1,000 £100
Delayed golf equipment £300 (after 12 hours delay) Nil
Golf equipment hire £200 (£20 per day) if not returned within 24 hours Nil
Hole in one £150 Nil

Note: Rows P to T: Winter Sports

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